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 This section gives further brief biographical information about our Musicians and their wide range of programmes.
Overall aim:
Classical Music Rocks wishes to introduce live classical music to Key Stage 1 & 2 children. We will also work by special arrangement with nursery and reception class children as well as secondary school pupils. Children will have a unique opportunity to hear nationally established professional  musicians within their own school setting. They will discover works from the Baroque, Classical and Romantic eras as well as world music. Links with the curriculum will be established prior to the visit and children will prepare and participate through q & a.

 JOO YEON SIR      violinist   ​
One of the founders of Classical Music Rocks in 2016.  Has an established career as a soloist, working with leading orchestras including the Royal Philharmonic and Bournemouth Symphony.  Ier 2017 CD "Suites and Fantasies" recieved very favourable reviews.  Her repertoire of chamber music is extensive and she recently had her debut solo recital playing Paganini's Caprices at the Lichfield Festival
Has performed in concerts in West Norfolk and will do so again on May 3rd 2019. Brilliant communicator with children.

Joo Yeon is notable for her charming personality and capacity to engage with large numbers of children. . She introduces the violin and plays short pieces such as Bach's Chaconne,  extracts from Vivaldi's Four Seasons, which gives her the opportunity to ask children which season is reflected in the music. Vaughan William's "The Lark Ascending" allows children to discuss in q & a how they feel and what kind of creature is portrayed.  Different styles and techniques are showcased. Paganini Caprice no 24 is played to demonsrate the concept of a variation using the illustration of cooking a potato ( how it can be fried, baked, boiled etc)

2. Solo follow up programme ( when Joo Yeon is returning to the same school within a 12-18month period)
This will build on the previous visit with a refresher element. Instead of extracts, Joo Yeon will play complete pieces of music by Bach, Paganini, Kreisler and the reactions of the children will be explored in q&a. "The Lark Ascending" will again feature in this programme for a longer performance.

There is great rapport between Irina and Joo Yeon who perform regularly around the UK.
This programme introduces the violin and piano.The solo violin works of Bach and Paganini are contrasted with piano works by Chopin and Debussy. Extracts from famous works such as Vaughan Williams' "The  Lark Ascending" and Vivaldi's "The Four Seasons" will be played with a focus on what this music conjures up in images. What kind of creature/weather comes into the imagination?

4.duo with LAURA  SNOWDEN
Joo Yeon and Laura play superbly together as a well established duo who also compose music together.
This programme introduces the violin and guitar, exploring the differences beween the sound of a duo as against a solo instrument.. The violin music of Bach and Paganini, and the guitar music of Rodrigo and Albeniz are performed, as well as duo works by Manuel De Falla and Pizzolla, exploring Spanish and Argentinan tango music. The concept of composing is discusssed and the musicians own work is played.

CATHERINE BACK HOUSE    opera  singer (mezzo soprano),  duo with accompanist  SIOBHAIN  O'HIGGINS piano

Programme : Introduction to Opera
Children will experience live performances of contrasting extracts from different  operas. These will be put in their dramatic and historical context including appreciation of music before modern technology. They will be asked to use their imaginations to consider how the music creates atmosphere and emotion. Participation will range from individual volunteering to group activiites including singing a simple song and Q&A.​

ADRIAN  COSKER  woodwind specialist
works with groups of 30 older children,  has imaginative ways of explaining the science of sound. Plays a variety of music such as Bach, Mozart and popular pieces on a range of instruments including the piccolo, flute. saxophone, clarinet. Children are encouraged to inspect the instruments, their mouthpieces and construction. They are able to pick up a baritone saxophone and learn that the recorder is an excellent instrument on which to start.
KLIO  BLONZ      flautist    
Programme adviser to CMR. Tours in UK and abroad.  Highly creative  musicianIntroduces stories to help children enjoy music and has developed exciitng programmes for children at the Blackheath conservatoire in London including "the Nutcracker" and "Aesops Fables" .  She is adventurous in exploring world music and makes connections to demonstrate that all European music is derived from many countries. Klio is an Early Years specialist and has worked with babies, infants as well as older age groups.

1.Tutti Flutti  
Big flute, everyday flute, baby flute! Each telling  a story with its own voice and colour. Music by Bach, Telemann , Mozart and Debussy as well as music
from to-day. Can you tell which flute sounds higher and which one lower? And can you growl like a lion and whisper like a mouse?
Learn about the history of the flute, one of the oldest instruments ever made, and see how it has evolved as music developed over time.

Amalthea duo with SIOBHAN  SWIDER harpist
2.All Around The World
From Italy to China, Argentina to Greece ..experience the wonders of travelling the world through music, which knows no boundaries and can be understood by everyone. Open the magic box and see what characters come out and the differnent musical associations. Enjoy Cinderella's song and see if it is so different from Lady May Ziang's lament whose tears destroyed the great wall of China. Rock inside our Venetian gondola or dance on the streets of Buenos Aires. Discover the magic of the harp and flute talking together.

Persephone duo with REBECCA  HEPPLEWHITE  cellist.
3."Let's Go Baroque"
Quickly hop in our time machine. The countdown to the 17th century is about to begin!  Is the music a dance or a celebration song? Take a stroll into the Court of King George 1st and travel down the river Thames as his royal escort. Discover the great composers of the Baroque era  such as Handel, Bach and Vivaldi. What were their lives like? Learn about ornamentation in music and art and learn about the cello and flute

Duo with GRACE  MO  pianist
4."The Nutcracker"
Once upon a Christmas Time, there was a story told of Clara's gift, the Nutcracker, a toy in red and gold"
Each movement of Tchaikovsky's glorious music brings Clara's story to life. Meet the Nutcracker, a soldier, prince and maybe a magician, or even just a simple toy. Admire his bravery during his battle with the terrifying mice. Follow him and Clara to the enchanted Kingdom of Sweets. Dance with the Sugar Plum Fairy and have adventures of a lifetime with magical creatures.

Special programme for nursery children. ( for solo flautist)
This programme is for smaller groups of up to 15- 20 children and each session is scheduled for 30 minutes. Please note it requires heavy subsidy by CMR and is only available to schools with significant numbers of nursery children. Klio is highly skilled in this area and is a trainer for such programmes.
5.Follow Me to Music Land"
A wonderful imaginative journey is about to begin. The children will travel to Music Land where they will meet the Three Bears. Through the movement of the bears' footsteps and the sounds of their voices, children will be introduced  to different rhythms and pitches.  They will respond to the different sounds of the flute  while exploring various music elements such as quiet/loud. fast/slow and starting/stopping.

JOHAN  LOFVING   theorbo & guitar Flauguissimo duo with YU-WEI HU flautist
Johan is a much admired Swedish guitarist who peforms and teaches in the UK and Sweden.  Performs with Yu-Wei regularly in the Flauguissimo duo. Yu-Wei has recently appeared at Covent Garden with the Early Opera Company. Flauguissimo Duo has won prizes in international competitions in the Netherlands and Sweden. They have performed in the Royal Festval Hall and other prestigious venues, and also have been broadcast on BBC Radio 3 and Radio France. Their debut CD "A Salon Opera" will be released on Resonus Classics in 2019.
Yu-Wei and Johan offer children an exciting programme  of mainly baroque music. Yu-Wei gives information about the piccolo  and flute. whilst Johan has great impact with his impressive  theorbo which he demonstrates and explains the differences from his classical guitar and from  conventional instruments of the modern era. . Music of the baroque  period is ofter typified  by  a dance music style with great rhythmic vitality. The children are asked to clap and identify various time signatures and rhythmical gestures.Yu-Wei drifts behind the children as Johan performs on the theorbo. The two musicians then combine so that the children experience music all around them.  Children are asked to identify a range of emotions associated with the music, explaining their thoughts and feelings. The children and musicians investigate how melody,harmony, rhythm and texture work together to create wonderful sound and images..

OLIVER WILSON   viola,  solo
Oliver is a very distinguished and experienced principal in various highly regarded orchestras. He has been conducted by John Eliot Gardiner and Sir Simon Rattle. He is particularly suited to sessions for year 2 and above
Oliver has based his presentation around Bach Cello Suite no 3 in C BWV 1009. He aims to introduce the viola, to talk about his life as a musician and encourages children to think about where we hear music in our every day lives.He talks about the idea of special types of music for special occasions - music for dancing to, for marching, football chants, music for calming people down or putting them to sleep (lullabies) Fanfares for announcing events. There was talk about different dances - to show off your clothes, sailors dances etc.
The nature of acoustic instruments  - the simplicity of materials, the need for resonating space within the instrument to amplfy the sound was discussed. Also the idea of increasing the volume by increasing the number of instruments ( creating an orchestra).
Oliver talks about some of the places he has played- concerts, weddings,funerals,onTV programmes, films and pop songs. They wll often hear the viola even though they don't know it!
LAURA SNOWDEN     classical guitar,  solo
Acclaimed and highly successful guitarist who tours in Europe, Asia, the United States and around the UK including recent debut in the Wigmore Hall.  The first guitarist to graduate from the Yehudi Menuhin school. Her compositions have been performed at the Royal Albert Hall and Birmingham Syphony Hall as well as on BBC Radio 3. Has previously appeared in concerts in West Norfolk as soloist and alongside Joo Yeon Sir.
Features an exploration of Villa Lobos' iconic Five Preludes, other classics of the guitar repertoire and one of Laura's ow compositions. The Villa Lobos Preludes' evocative subtitles are used to engage the children's imaginations and to help them create their own storie to navigate the pieces. We also look at some of the techniques, beginning with simple compositional techniques such as "melody and accompaniment", and advancing to more special guitar techniques such as harmonics. Laura then talks about being a composer, and performs her own piece, followed by simple compositional games designed to show the children that anybody can compose.
SIOBHAIN  O'HIGGINS  pianist , solo
A recitalist and coach. Has accompanied Elizabeth Watts,Paul Hamburger and Phillip Smith.
Performs with Street Wise Opera. Solo recitals of Rachmaninov and Chopin at the Anvil. She has recorded a new song cycle "Twilight by the River" by David Lewiston-Sharpe. Will be performing a solo recital in West Norfolk featuring Chopin, Debussy and Rachmaninov
Siobhain delivers music programmes with singer Catherine Backhouse ( see above)
Her solo school tours include an explanation about how  the piano works , giving children an opportunity to look inside the piano whemever possible. She includes a range of classical music to discuss with the children.