The notes below are based on our first two years of existence. With positive relationships with Heads we could be around for many years yet! Please note that this document is a key part of your contract with CMR if you book a visit. A confirming e-mail will add relevant detail on what has been agreed.Teachers in charge of events need to read this too. Thanks.

  1. We appreciate that Head Teachers are busier by the day. Giving attention to a small organisation like CMR is not easy. Some initial contact with a Head is invaluable. A degree of delegation may be necessary and so we would invite you to appoint a liaison teacher for each school who could liaise with CMR to identify dates, plan events and give feedback both to CMR and to the Head Teacher.
  2. It is essential that schools partcipate in a brief evaluation process as this helps us to improve our programmes, whilst also being required by funders.
  3. We would ask that this teacher ensures or arranges proper supervision of the event and be a point of contact for CMR and its musicians.
  4. We now ask schools to help children to do a very modest amount of preparation, perhaps about the composers or the times they lived in. Evidence so far is that this enhances a child’s enjoyment….and of teachers too.
  6. BESPOKE GRANTS from the Norfolk Music Hub  (up to £1,000) may cover the full cost of our programmes. The deadline has now passed for the period May 2019-March 2020. We await news re 2020/21. Please ensure you are subscribers to the Music Hub. CMR is happy to assist the bidding process. Our website contains plenty of information re our musicians and their programmes and you are welocome to identify preferences.
  7. When Bespoke grants do not apply, please set a budget based on £100 per session of 50 minutes.
  8. To ensure affordability we charge the same for a duo as a solo musician.
  9. A visit by a duo costs on average £1,000 ( musician fees & travel from London = £700, accommodation £180, local mileage, subsistence, public liability insurance etc  £120). A solo musician costs £540 (Fee + travel = £350, accommodation £90 other £100)
  10. A solo/duo doing two introductions to classical music (ICM) at 9.30 and 11am would cost £200.  Smaller schools may be charged less.
  11. Please note that all monies raised for CMR are spent directly on the cost of hiring musicians, accommodation and transport. All administration and organisation costs of CMR are free of charge.
  12. If 2 or 3 staff, governors or parents donated £2 - £3 per month the future of CMR would be secure ( Barclays Dual authorisation acc. 20-17-20  no 03781062.Please e-mail your details to [email protected])
  13. We would like to visit some schools on 2 to 3 occasions per year so that enjoyment of classical music is not limited to a one-off event.
  14. Firm agreements re numbers/ ages of children need to be reached at the outset. CMR's aim is to reach as many children as possible, usually 80 - 150. On occasion duos may be willing to perform for a whole school assembly
  15. In small schools we would not wish to exclude reception or infants but would ask that a supervising member of staff be ready to take action if need be. For larger primaries, we ask that after the first twenty minutes, reception classes are asked to leave so that older children can participate in q&a sessions and listen to longer pieces of music. Some schools already operate along these lines.
  16. CMR appreciates early confirmation of dates as we plan a schedule across more than 25 schools and book more than 50 events per year. Please return telephone calls asap.
  17. CMR will send e-mails to Heads and Musicians as soon as agreement is reached. This is the contract for all parties. Please acknowledge by e-mail and indicate concerns if any.We will contact schools again about 4 weeks prior to our visit ands also a day or two beforehand.
  18. Your invoice ( ie when no bespoke grant is in place) will be issued on the day of the visit.
  19. Your venue needs to be safe for musicians and their instruments. Nearby parking should be available.
  20. A number of CMR programmes require the use of a piano. Please ensure that your piano is in reasonable working order and has been tuned recently.We are able to access electronic pianos if need be, at no additional cost
  21. A limited number of complimentary tickets are available to school staff, parents with children and under 25s for nearlly all recitals at which CMR musicians perform. Please go to "Events" to see what is on.
  22. CMR invites schools to promote our work on their websites, with governors and parents. A total donation of £10 per month per school from supporters would guarantee our continued existence..
  23. All Head Teachers working with CMR are automatically members and can participate in our AGM in October each year. Please notify us in advance of your wish to attend/place items on the agenda.