​Classical Music Rocks


(  Please note complimentary tickets are available  apart from the event on 8th June)
Our school visits are closed to the public, but from time to time we hold recitals at various venues.  These are performed by musicians from Classical Music Rocks, who will also carry out a tour of three schools , bringing classical music to over 300 children. A limited number of complimentary tickets are available for school staff, parents with children and under 25s. Requests should be made  via schools 2 months prior to the events
Date: Wednesday 13th March 2019

Siobhain O'Higgins, pianist will perform music by Chopin, Debussy and Liszt.
Programme details to be confirmed

Venue: St Mary's,  Snettisham  7.30pm

Promoted by Friends of St Mary's,  Snettisham in association with Classical Music Rocks.

Date: Friday 3rd May 2019

Joo Yeon Sir (violin) and Irina Andrievsky Piano) will perform music by Beethoven and Mozart and from their CDs
Programme details to be confirmed.

Venue: St Mary's, Snettisham 7.30pm

Promoted by Friends of St Mary's, Snettisham
in association with Classical Music Rocks
Date:  Saturday 8th June 2019

Klio Blonz (flautist) and Grace Mo (pianist)
will perform their programme  "Tales Without Words" including music  by Hummel, Chopin & Marais .  This concert celebrates the centenary of Save the Children Fund.

Venue:  Hunstanton ( St Mary's Church)

Promoted by Save the Children Fund in association with Classical Music Rocks

(NB no complimentary tickets available)
Date: Wednesday 27th June
An evening of popular opera arias
performed by Raphaela Papadakis, soprano and Siobhain O'Higgins, pianist and a baritone.

Venue :  Kings Lynn Minster  7.30

Promoted by Classical Music Rocks
Date: Friday 13th September

Siobhan Swider (harp) and Klio Blonz ( flautist) will perform a programme including works by Mozart, Vivaldi,Ravel and Salzedo.

Venue: St Mary's Snettisham 7.30 pm

Promoted by Friends of St Mary's Snettisham, in association with Classical Music Rocks.