Classical Music Rocks
                   Learn from Professional Musicians

An independent not-for-profit community organisation, dedicated to bringing live classical music to children in West Norfolk. Funded by private donors and Norfolk Music  Education Hub.  
                                    Patron:  Louis de Bernieres         
               and supported by  Sir Henry Bellingham, MP


  • to enable children in West Norfolk to hear live classical music in their school setting.
  • to inspire an interest in hearing more classical music
  • to encourage children to learn to play an instrument
  • to help build audiences of the future
  • to advocate for children to have improved access to classical music
High quality, young, professional musicians introduce their instruments and play short pieces in interactive presentations for up to 120 children. We offer duos and solo musicians and also offer workshops for smaller groups and child friendly short concerts. There is a real opportunity for children and musicians to meet and talk about making music. Our fees are very low, averaging about £100 per 50 minute session.

Please go to our contact page to arrange a preliminary visit by CMR.  To check dates for possible bookings go to "More">Bookings. To see the kind of programmes our musicians provide, go to  "More">Musicians' Programmes.

Our Organisation

CMR  is a unique not-for-profit community organisation in West Norfolk, specialising in bringing classical music to all school children, but with a focus on primary schools. We are fully independent. Our administrative and organisation costs are nil as we rely entirely on volunteers. All our funds are utilised to hire musicians plus some travel costs. Since October 2016, we have visited 24 local schools and reached 5,000 children. We aim to build long term partnerships with local schools and to revisit from time to time.
We offer the following service:

  • Close liaison with schools, identifying the musical needs of children, creating links with the school curriculum and so enhancing their learning.
  • Recruiting artistes from a range of sources including musicians themselves, Kings Lynn Festival, Kings Lynn Music Society, London music colleges and local contacts.
  • Matching artistes with schools and providing a varied and balanced programme of music education.
  • Time tabling events for our musicians and schools.
  • Operating a chauffeuring and support service for artistes on the day of events, including providing free accommodation.
  • Networking in the local community and fund raising. The public can join from £1 per month. Monthly donations currently range from £5 to £50 pcm. Our Barclays account is dual signature: 20-17-20/ 03781062
  • Overall management and operation of the project through our committee.
  • CMR is covered for public liability insurance. Risk assessments are carried out. All our visits are supervised by teachers and a representative of CMR.